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Our Vision

We want to be global leaders in providing sure-shot group saving solutions to people and organisations in form of chits, so that they can grow economically.

Our Mission

We want to provide value added financial solutions to people and organisations, so that they can achieve their financial goals faster.
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Our Policy

We believe in offering the lowest cost of capital as compared to other financial tools along with high quality, on-time delivery and complete safety.

Our Story

NavaShakthi Chits Pvt. Ltd is one of the renowned chits fund companies in the state of Karnataka that began operations in 2006. We have been operating under Chit Funds Act 1982 guidelines for more than 15 years now. We are the first ticket holder in the groups, as per the Chit Fund Act. Our aim is to catalyze our financial services with innovative and world-class competency. Our goal is to provide you hassle-free, liquid investments for a better life. We are not only a platform to provide you a systematic saving scheme, but we make sure that you have an easy access to your savings and the flexibility to borrow much larger sums, when you need it the most. Registered under the Register Act 1956 and Karnataka Chit Funds under the preview of the Reserve Bank of India, we are the youngest company, regulated and government recognized, with an aim to be leaders in the chit funds industry.
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Growth Statistics

Navashakthi Chits was ranked 877th out of 4805 registered companies in India. Mr Vadivel Narayana Murthy Saravanan, Mr Vijaya Jaganathan Murthy, Mr Sundara Murthy Damayanthy, and Mr Vadivelu Narayana Murthy serve on our Board of Directors. Registered chit fund companies, such as Navashakthi Chits Pvt Ltd, must follow the rules and regulations established by the Central Chit Fund Act and the respective state governments. Before starting a new chit group, the foreman (Chit Fund Company) must deposit 100 per cent of the chit value with the Registrar of Chits, according to existing chit fund law. According to the Chit Funds Act guidelines, only qualified chartered accountants should audit a chit fund company’s accounts. Navashakthi Chits always follows the financial rules to conduct business more transparently. We have a strong team of professionals who possess extensive experience in the finance business. They clearly understand any chits query and are happy to help the customers achieve maximum benefits from investing in chit funds. As a rapidly expanding leader, NavaShakthi Chits has consistently assisted customers in achieving their financial objectives while also benefiting mutually. We have been providing quality services to our customers since the day we opened our doors.

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Our Team

V Narayana Murthy, Chairman

J N Vijaya, Director

V N Saravanan, Managing Director