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NavaShakthi chit funds are a good savings option for small investors. It brings discipline in investments and is a reliable source of funds in emergencies.
Marriages are an expensive affair, but NavaShakthi chit funds provide liquidity required to fund the wedding of your children at a much lower interest rate.
While child education is of prime importance, the increasing education costs can put an onus on parents. NavaShakthi chit funds can help up meet the education expenses easily.
Business Expansion
NavaShakthi Chit funds are a systematic saving scheme that offers flexibility to borrow much larger sums, especially when you want to expand your business.
Purchase Land
NavaShakthi Chit funds are a good investment that allows easy access to your savings, especially when you want to purchase land or book an apartment.
Travel Abroad
NavaShakthi Chit Funds are very helpful in fulfilling financial goals, especially when it comes to buying property or a house and finances become a challenge.
Multiple Offices
Are you growing fast? Do you want to open an office in multiple locations, but are facing financial challenges? We can provide easy access to cash when you need it.
Buy House
NavaShakthi Chit Funds are very helpful in fulfilling financial goals, especially when it comes to buying property or house and finances become a challenge.
Jewelry Purchase
If you want to save big for short term goals like purchasing jewelry, then NavaShakthi chit funds are an easy way to plan ahead and access cash when you need it.
Furniture Purchase
Whether you want to purchase home furniture or you want to revamp the old look of your office with refurbished furniture, we can help you with a reliable source of funds.
Vehicle Purchase
If you want to buy a new vehicle and bank loans aren’t working for you, then you can reach your short-term and mid-term financial goals with NavaShakthi chit funds.
Loan/Debt Closure
Whether you are looking for funds for loan closure or you want a cheaper loan with easy repayment options, we can assist you with funds when you need it the most.
Buy Generators
Buying a generator is a necessity for any business. But when arranging funds for purchase becomes challenging, we can provide you a sure shot source of funds.
Down Payment
Down Payment: Making a down payment for raw material can be overwhelming if the cash inflow is not strong. But achieving financial goals becomes easy when you start living the chit life.
Working Capital
When you need working capital to keep your seasonal business afloat or you want to invest in bigger projects, we can assist you with immediate funds.
Renewal of License
When renewal of a license is a must for your pub, bar or restaurant, and bringing in cash looks challenging, we bring you a reliable source for immediate funds.
Purchasing Food Ingredients
With your growing hotel business, food ingredient costs also increase. When purchasing food ingredients becomes challenging, we can provide you easy access to cash.
Purchase Raw Material
Raw materials are commodities that require constant cash flow in any business and NavaShakthi chit funds help you plan it & reach your financial goals faster.
Manage the construction
If you want to maximize cash flow potential in your civil construction business, we can help you achieve your financial goals without worrying about interest rates.
Luxurious Life
A luxurious life is more attainable than you think. NavaShakthi chit funds can make your dreams come true with easy access to cash for your luxurious lifestyle.
Luxury Cars
If you have been looking for ways to finance your luxury car or luxury lifestyle, NavaShakthi chit funds is the one stop solution for all your financial needs.
Equipment Purchase
When you need immediate cash for purchasing the latest equipment to keep your event planning business ahead of the competition, we can provide you an easy solution.
Adding More Products
When you need cash inflow to keep adding new products to your retail business & loan procedures look overwhelming, we can provide you with an easy liquid investment option.
Cash Flow
A good cash flow is always needed to generate profits in a business. NavaShakthi chit funds provide you hassle free liquid investment & easy access to savings to back your business.
Handle More Projects
In real estate business, handling more projects can become challenging when cash inflow is a problem. We provide you flexibility to borrow large sums with ease.
Purchase Vehicles Every 3 Years
For expanding your logistics business, adding vehicles and drivers, cumbersome loan procedures may sound daunting. But achieving goals becomes easy with chit funds.
Uncertain Medical Expenditure
We vow to be your constant companion in your most crucial times. With us, you can avail instant financial support of any amount for uncertain medical expenditure.