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Welcome To NavaShakthi Chits Pvt. Ltd
NavaShakthi Chits Pvt. Ltd is one of the youngest leading chit fund companies in Karnataka that began its operations in 2006. The company is certified under the Register Act 1956 and Karnataka Chits Funds, Reserve Bank of India. We believe achieving your financial goals should be easy. And that is why we bring you a platform known for its ethical value and timely disbursement of the chits proceeds. A new way to save and borrow funds when you need them the most. We are fully modernized transparent at every stage to support digital transactions, and our well-trained staff is always available if you need any assistance availing our services.
How Does It Work?
A chits is a scheme or structure in which the company collects a fixed amount of money from each member. These members are also known as subscribers. The subscribers must pay this fixed amount every month until the chit matures. On the other hand, the company gets compensated accordingly for looking after the financial activities.
Why Should You Invest In Chits Funds?
Chits funds are unique for their user-friendly programs. Participants can use them for both investments and borrowings. You don’t require extensive knowledge of the financial market to invest in chit funds. Besides, subscribers can also withdraw their funds anytime when facing any monetary issues without any difficulties, unlike other investments.
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